"Endless Freedom of the strongest means Cruelty." -U.

"Fear nothing but stagnation." -G.G.

Information and sources are given always that is possible.
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Unknown artist, detail from an icon labeled as Christ the Word of God the Only Begotten Son, 16th century.

Antonio García Vega, La Parca (The Reaper).


Damian Michaels"Departure"

Tradition, 2008. Cristina Francov ©

Naveen Bhaskar, Kali Overcome

Naveen Bhaskar, Kali arrives (riding a Vetaala)

Naveen Bhaskar, Dhyana Kali

❝ Freedom for me is the possibility to do what I consider necessary to do, and also responsibility in the process of realization of my plans.

— Valentin Scavr

Naveen Bhaskar, Kali’s Revelry

Naveen Bhaskar, Kali - The Summoning

Naveen Bhaskar, Rakta Kali

❝ Those who don’t fight for freedom, they are worth their chains!

— Adolf Hitler

Corine van Mierlo, Christgroot, 2001