Anonymous artist, Las Penas del Infierno (Penances of Hell), XVIIIth century.
Info (in Spanish) here
Meditatio Mortis (…)
Anonymous artist, XVIIIth century, at the Museo del Pueblo, Guanajuato, Mexico.
A damned one in Hell
La Merced Cloister, Cuzco, Peru, XVIIIth century.

Black Tumulus by ~Chiyuky

Mizu no naka by *Chiyuky

Wayne Viney"The Mysteries" 1997
Kālika Sādhu 
"Wherever your lovers reside          Appears like a madhouseTo common perception.Some are laughing with your freedom,Others weep tears of your tenderness,Still others dance, whirling with your bliss.”
- Ramprasad Sen

Larissa Morais, Frenzy
Larissa Morais, Squash Blossoms II
Larissa Morais, Squash Blossoms
Lui Liu, Theme Red
Steven Kenny, The Crux
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