Hiroshi Furuyoshi, Samantha
Alfred Kubin, Des Menschen Schicksal (The destiny of man), 1903.

"Effects of Cosmos" by Cristina Francov, 2009

"Sphynx" Cristina Francov ©, 2012
Cristóbal de Villalpando, El Diluvio (The Deluge), 1689

Kazimierz Kalkowski

Pierrot The Clown
Cristóbal de Villalpando, Santa Rosa atacada por el demonio (Saint Rose attacked by the Devil), circa 1695-97.
Salvador Salazar Arrué (Salarrué), Maya
Salvador Salazar Arrué (Salarrué), La loca monja blanca (Insane white nun), circa 1940.
Posted this one before, but now I found it without any ugly and pointless watermark.

Green Sophia by Daniel Mirante

Anonymous artist, Las Penas del Infierno (Penances of Hell), XVIIIth century.
Info (in Spanish) here
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